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We have developed the following class policies to ensure you have an enjoyable experience while taking classes at Patches and Petals. If you have any questions, please give us a call—we're always glad to help.

Class Policies:

  1. Due to copyright laws, if a book or pattern is required for the class, each student must purchase their own copy.
  2. As a courtesy to fellow class attendees, cell phones must be turned off during class.
  3. No Children.
  4. Be prompt and prepared.
You may register for classes at the shop, on our website or by phone. Class reservations must be accompanied by full payment. A supply list will be issued at that time. A 10% discount is offered on all supply list items with your paid enrollment.

Cancellations more than one week before class will forfeit 10% of the class fee.  Cancellations less than one week before the class will forfeit the entire fee.  If Patches and Petals cancels a class due to low enrollment, teacher emergency, or inclement weather, we will issue a store credit.  Participants will be notified of these types of cancellations by phone or email.  We do not refund class fees. We stand by this policy in order to assure our teachers that the minimum enrollment has been met and to guarantee those taking the class that the class will be a “go”. 

Skill Levels:
When you take classes at Patches & Petals, we intend to give you the basic concepts for the project. The time allowed in most of the classes is not enough to finish the entire project. While we aim to provide ample time for you to grasp the concepts, most of the projects need to be completed at home. You may always stop back in after class if you are having trouble, and we will assist you. The classes in this schedule have been rated as to the minimum level of skill required. We offer classes for all levels. Please review the class descriptions or check with us if you are unsure what skills are needed for a class. Stop by Patches and Petals to view the many class samples to help you select the classes that are just right for you! Each class is rated using the following scale:

  • BEGINNER: No previous quilting experience. Must know how to use sewing machine.
  • INTERMEDIATE: Must have some quilting experience, knowledge of sewing machine, and rotary cutting.
  • ADVANCED: Must have constructed several quilting projects.

Our classes are an important aspect of our services. We feel an educated quilter is a happy quilter. We want you to have confidence to do every project you want to do and be proud of your results. Our staff of teachers is available to help you through if you get stuck. Our classes are fun as well as informative. Take one or take them all and you will come away with a better understanding of quilting, increased confidence and new friends!  

10 Reasons to Take a Quilting Class at Patches & Petals
  1. Because there is always more to learn - a new technique, a new shortcut, a new tip.
  2. Because a class can challenge and support you to finish a quilt.
  3. Because it's fun to see how different fabrics look in the same design/pattern.
  4. Because you always wanted a quilt you made yourself.
  5. Because it's a good excuse to come to Patches & Petals more often.
  6. Because quilt classes are a great place to meet old and new friends.
  7. Because you can make a new holiday quilt.
  8. Because it's fun!
  9. Because you live and breathe for fabric!
  10. Because quilting is what you love to do the most!    
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