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Featured Artist

Featured Artist

Ron Wanless – Quilt Racks

We are excited to introduce you to a new series we are starting – Our Patches and Petals Featured Artist! Every month or so we will bring you some information about one of the many talented artists whose work we are privileged to sell at Patches and Petals. You’ve seen their beautiful pieces in the store, but you probably don’t know much about the artist who produces them or the process they use to create their work. We hope you will enjoy getting to know more about these creative members of our community!

This month’s Featured Artist is Ron Wanless who creates beautiful wooden quilt block quilt racks and decorative wall hangings. Each block in Ron’s creations are modelled after real quilt blocks. He finds the quilt block patterns in his wife Julie’s quilt books or even from classes she has taken here at Patches and Petals! The pieces are made using different hardwoods to create the different colors in the block patterns – oak, walnut, maple, cherry, mahogany, and hickory – and the results are stunning!

Ron cuts each piece using different saws in his shop. He starts the process by deciding how large the final piece will be (typically between 18” and 45” wide) and then determines how many blocks he can use to create a piece that size. The blocks are either 6” or 7” squares and a finished piece usually has between two and six blocks. Once done, they each receive three coats of varnish and are backed with two heavy hangers to hold both the weight of the wood rack and, in the case of a quilt hanger, the quilt it will eventually hold. Most of the pieces require 25 to 30 hours to produce but the most complicated rack Ron creates, the Double Wedding Ring, easily takes 40 to 50 hours to complete!

A variety of Ron’s art pieces are on display at Patches and Petals, and Ron can create custom width pieces to accommodate different sizes of quilts. We agree with Ron that his wooden quilt block art pieces are beautiful heirloom items that would make great gifts for any quilt lover. Ron says he hasn’t seen anyone else make pieces like these, and we are thrilled to be able to offer his unique works of art to our customers. We hope you’ll take some time to admire Ron’s work the next time you are in the store – and maybe take one of his beautiful pieces of art home with you!